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My mission is lead with kindness and confidence to create an open space where individuality can thrive.

What I teach...

Childrens hip-hop ranging in ages from 4y - 18y.

In this class we explore 


-Across the Floor

-Freestlye dance

-Attitude and expression

-Short combinations


Tap & Jazz

Childrens Tap & Jazz dance ranging in ages from 4y - 18y

In this class we explore


-Stretch and conditioning

-Across the floor and Barre work

-Short combinations

Preschool Dance 

Children's preschool dance from ages 3y - 5y

In this class we explore

- Fundamental Movement

-Follow along practice

-Stretching and creative playing

-Simple Ballet/Dance basics

Musical Theatre

Childrens Musical Theatre ranging in ages from 4y - 18y

In this class we explore

-Jazz and Ballet foundations

-Stretching and conditioning

-Musical Theatre history

-Performance quality and expressing emotions

Why I teach...

As a dance instructor, my days are filled with the rhythm of laughter, the grace of learning, and the energy of self-expression. Specializing in both children's and adults' dance instruction, I've come to love getting to work with all ages. 


Working with children is a delight. Their boundless energy, unfiltered creativity, and eagerness to learn create an environment where every dance class feels like an adventure. I'm committed to providing a space where young minds can flourish; building not just dance skills but also confidence and a love for self-expression.


On the other side of the spectrum,  teaching adults is equally fulfilling. Whether it's someone exploring dance for the first time or a seasoned pro, I believe in creating an inclusive and supportive atmosphere. Every class is an opportunity for adults to connect with their bodies, embrace the joy of movement, and build a community of like-minded individuals.

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